January 13, 2017

Custom Homes

Not interested in one of our house plans? A custom designed home by Kline Homes is the perfect solution for you.

You can bring us your own house plans, or, we can design your home with you. When we design your home with you, we do so based upon your budget, land, and desired specifications.

Why should you get a builder to design your home?

It’s simples – we build homes every day, we cost homes everyday, were paying the bills and were onsite working with our trades and suppliers everyday.  Unfortunately architects and draftsmaen are stuck to a desk and computer everyday and don’t normally get to see the light of day, in my 24 years I’ve never seen a draftsman or architect onsite or even discuss pricing with me.

Every week I continually receive plans that haven’t been either designed to suit the land or the clients budget, by that I mean bedrooms are facing the hot western sun or beautifull rooms that have a great view have no windows and the solid wall is blocking what could be a major financial asset when it comes time to sell.  The majority of the time it’s budget, the architects and draftsmen do not know how to price a project, how can they, have they ever built before? We’re continually making changes to plans so the structural integrity is not compromised and the home owner can stay within their budget.

Kline homes are accredited HIA Green Smart qualified designers to ensure your home is kept naturally cool in summer and warm in winter, the Kline Homes ebook “designing your perfect home” will provide you with an understanding on how we approach our new home designing process.

It’s much easier and less expensive to engage Kline Homes to design your perfect home because we’ll design  to your budget because were builders and we know exactly whats it costs.  Kline Homes is a one stop shop that will save you time and money.  We catre for all types and sizes including modern new homes on sloping sites, acarage properties, glamerous waterfronts, beach homes and demolition for rebuilds.  Kliine Homes also design a build townhouses.

Our personalised service & local knowledge for over 20 years has allowed us to grow an exceptional team, our team consists of talented and experienced architect/draftsamen, engineers, consultants, trades, suppliers and building partners to ensure our quality assured processes and systems ensure our clients receive top quality energy efficient designs.

We focus heavily on meeting project construct budget through our preliminary contracts to ensure procurement costings and tender services are accomplished, this has been designed to save our clients time and money whilst providing peace of mind throughout the project whereby everything is documented even down to the colour of your clothes line.

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The gallery below is to provide an idea of what your next home could look like.