January 15, 2017

Narrow Land Home Designs

In the modern day property market the popularity of homes on smaller lots has increased. Whether it’s to invest in your piece of a crowded metropolitan market or to subdivide land and build multiple properties, many landowners are starting to build on smaller lots.

If you have a small or narrow lot of land that you want to build on, you need quality designs and quality new homebuilders to maximise your experience. A narrow lot doesn’t have to mean a reduced property experience. At Kline Homes we create stunning new home designs with innovative and modern functionality, specifically for narrow lots. Combining quality with affordability, we provide customised house designs especially for your requirements.

Explore our narrow land house designs below or contact us to learn more.


Specifications to Suit Your Budget

The Kline Homes family wants to help you create a dream home that can be lived in for years to come. As well as the innovative design that we provide, we ensure your dreams become reality through affordable options.

Our three levels of specifications – bronze, silver, and gold – ensure quality design at every price level. Explore them now:

  • Bronze – Spacious, affordable and modern, all at your price
  • Silver – A brilliant overall package with all the inclusions you could hope for
  • Gold – Luxurious, elegant and innovative – truly a gold standard