January 15, 2017

Split Level Home Designs

Split level homes are an ideal way to build a large home on sloping land, without exceeding council height restrictions.
There is very little added cost involved with split-level designs, but it’s a excellent way to reduce site works & retaining costs.
Split level designs also tend to be more practical with multiple smaller staircases, which are easier to access than full height staircases.
Kline Homes can design a beautiful steel pole home for your land slope – built for you, or supplied as a kit home.


 4   2   2   |   311 SQM

Kline Construction System designed this lovely family home on a small sloping block in Brisbane. The steel frame was supplied to the clients’ builder in kit home form. Because the steel frame components are custom manufactured to suit the site, the construction process was fast & Kline – with the house built to completion in good time, and to a lovely level of finish.

This homes construction was managed by our client, as an owner/builder. By managing the project themselves, the owners were able to produce a fantastic home, and make considerable savings on construction costs. In some cases, inclusions were able to be upgraded through the savings made elsewhere.


 3   2   2   |   174 SQM

This project was designed specifically as a turn-key investment home, with a brief of 4 bedrooms and covered decks to take in the fantastic ocean views – and built to a specific fixed budget. The result is a very practical, contemporary design home – that requires minimal site works on a very steep block.


 3   2   2   |   344 SQM

This home was designed by the clients to maximise their views from atop their large, very steep block, that overlooks the Maroochy River. Here, the use of split levels has added character to the shape of this large impressive home, as well as helping to reduce the amount of site works and retaining required.