How to build a split level home on a sloping block

Building a split level home is not an easy task and is done by a few specific builders. This is because it has certain complexities which might not be found in building a home on levelled ground. There are certain advantages to building a home on a sloping block. You can get a nice sweeping view of the surrounding area. You also have an option to consider different designs. You may want to create segmented zones for a staircase. These are certain opportunities which can make a sloping block an ideal choice.

You need to find builders who have experience designing split level homes.

What is a sloping block?

A sloping block refers to land which has varying elevation levels. This means that one side at the block is higher than the other. A block can slope in any direction. A block which slopes up could be at the highest point at the road and one which slopes down would be at the lowest point at the road. It takes a whole lot of creativity to build on a sloping block. You might need to consider some creative ideas for house design and floor plan.

The advantages of building on a sloping block

When you build your home on a sloping block it is going to absorb a whole lot of natural light. Since your home would be elevated in certain zone it would allow ample sunlight to pour in. It would be great to design large windows as a main feature. This kind of home would be great for someone who is big on Energy Efficiency. It is easy to utilise the solar energy due to the amount of Sunlight which hits the roof.

You would also have a beautiful view of the neighbourhood or the local scenery. Houses which are built on sloping blocks allow homeowners to witness some glorious sunset and coastal views.

You can also play along with design and certain features when building a home on a sloping block. Most homeowners turn the light field areas into a wide open space. Also using a staggered level approach ensures the benefits which come from multiple living spaces. It offers privacy and comfort at the same time. You can also be creative when it comes to landscaping. If the slope is steep you may want to consider building a layered garden with retaining walls and some lush greenery.

Problems associated with building on a sloping block

When the home is built on a sloping block it might prove to be a challenge for the builders and contractors especially if the design process requires heavy machinery. Since the sites are not easy to access, building a home on a steep slope might prove to be difficult. You would require the use of cranes to carry heavy building material.

There could also be some issues related to drainage. Sometimes a sloping block might naturally drain the water away and prevent flooding. On the other hand if you do need to make use of water tanks or pumps it might be difficult to collect the water.  Since each block of land is different, there may be certain issues associated with drainage.

The site might also need to be excavated and filled properly before building the new home. The ground type would have an impact on the building process because the rocky ground has to be removed before building starts. There are also certain factors which might have an environmental impact when your excavating the piece of land. It may affect the drainage and erosion potential. This is why it is important to have a detail talk with your builder to know what processes would be best of building on a specific block of land.

Cost associated with building a home on a sloping block

There are certain additional cost which are involved when you build a home on a sloping block. There are certain extra space your contractor or builder might need to carry out before designing your dream home. They may need to develop an alternative drainage solution which might include the use of pumps to make sure that the water Drainage is taken care of.

There would also be a need for extra labor when laying the foundations of the home.  Also consider the excavation cost which needs to be covered. Your builder may build retaining walls or using a non-traditional slab to contain the land. However you shouldn’t worry a great deal because a land on the sloping block is cheaper compared to a flat land. So you might save up on the land and spend a bit more on the construction thus balancing the cost.

Finding an expert builder

If you have acquired a land on a sloping block, it is best to hire an expert home builder. This way you can be assured that you are getting the very best advice. Find a builder who has many years experience and expertise building homes on a sloping block. Make sure you contact us for your enquiries and queries on designs and floor plans.