The difference between a builder and developer

If you are thinking about building a new home in a new development it is important that you have a basic idea regarding the role of a builder and developer and who you need to communicate with. It should be kept in mind that you would be talking to both the builder and developer especially during the initial stages of the project. A developer and a builder work in close proximity and often their roles might also overlap.

The Developer

Developers are responsible for the funding of the entire project. They are responsible for preparing the plans for blocks, the estate and the streets. Their job is to organise the permits and marketing the entire development. However the developer outsources the work to contractor builders who later on sell the sites to the home builders.

In certain situations the developer is also the builder and is responsible for facilitating the entire process including the final sale to the home buyer.

The Builder

Builders are the one responsible for the construction of the property. They are usually answerable to the developer and work on behalf of the home owner. They are responsible for coordinating with the subcontractors and ordering the materials and ensuring that the project is on track according to plan and within the deadline. It should be kept in mind that the home builder is somebody who is doing the actual work and it is important to make sure that they are reputable and have a good track record before you sign any contracts. If you have purchased land in a new development and would like to chat to us about a custom designed home, contact us today.