Building a home on a narrow block

With block sizes getting smaller, the chances of living on a quarter acre block with lots of fruit trees is a distant dream. It is just not possible to get a larger land block if you live close to the city. Some people might prefer to move to a regional location but not everyone would […]

What you need to know about split level homes

Sloping Block Home

If you have purchased a sloped site you might have already thought about a range of different home designs. Split level homes are one of the most easiest and sustainable ways to build on an uneven ground. The following are some of the advantages and challenges associated with building a split level home. What exactly […]

Choosing the right floor plan for your home

If you are about to design your new home you may have already considered a number of floor plans. A floor plan is a drawing which gives an overhead view of your home and allows you to get an idea of what the different rooms and spaces would look like once your home is completed. […]

What are the cost associated with customising a standard plan

custom house plan

Are you thinking about designing your new home. Chances are that you might have already visited a number of display homes and found yourself liking a bit of everything about them. A bedroom of one display home might appeal to you and you might like the bathroom of another one. There are times when you […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Land

Sloping Block Home

If you are thinking about constructing a new custom home you may also need to take into consideration the land where you plan on building it. It can help save you a great deal of money in the long run. Plus investing in the right piece of land would allow you to build without any […]

Things to Consider When Building a New Roof

The roof is the most important part of your home. There are several roof styles to choose from. You have the option of designing a roof made from tile or tin. You could choose to have it built flat or pitched. No matter what material or design you choose a good roof should have all […]

Ways of Escaping the Rental Trap

With the rising prices in the real estate market, affording a house in Australia can be a major economic challenge for millennials. Anyone looking to buy a new home may have come across advice which didn’t guarantee them any sort of satisfaction let alone allow them to buy the home they have always dreamt about. […]

Easiest Way to Become an Owner Builder

Homeowners today are building their own homes with assistance from a professional building partner. It is something which is definitely not easy and requires a great deal of hard work. The following are a few tips to help you get started: Becoming a successful owner builder Make sure that you follow these steps to become […]

Building an Environment Friendly Home

Custom Design Home

Tips for building a sustainable and environment friendly home These days many homeowners prefer that the home should have an environmental friendly design with sustainable architecture. Building such a home can help reduce the impact on our environment and also lower the carbon footprint. In this article the term environmental design would be used to […]

How to avoid budget blow-outs while building

Home Builder

Budget blow-outs during a build can be very disheartening for homeowners, but with careful planning and working with the right building professional, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for staying on track. The quoting stage of the build is very important to ensure you have an accurate figure to work with. If a builder […]