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Are you looking for… Additional income? To add value to your home? A new retreat, office or man cave? A place for the kids or grandparents? Granny Flats can be a great investment to any home.

Granny Flats by Kline Homes are your best choice, operating out of the Gold Coast!

Extra Income and Value

Most states throughout Australia have made considerable changes in legislation allowing you to rent out a secondary dwelling known as a “Granny Flat” to assist you with additional income. With the change in legislation, many smart home owners are investing in a granny flat instead of an investment property.

Advantages of Granny Flats

  • Rental yields of 12-20% p.a
  • Capital growth each year
  • Tax depreciation benefits of up to $6,000 p.a
  • Tax free capital gain due to primary place of residence (PPR)

Granny Flat vs Investment Property

People tend to lean towards investment properties as a form of diversification in their assets, and external rental income. What many are not aware of however, is the far higher yield potential in a granny flat investment over an investment property. Below is a table representing the differences in both acquisition costs and returns for each.

Extra Room and Lifestyle

By developing a small sized, external granny flat, you are able to acquire a higher quality dwelling with luxury finishes at a more achievable price. Rather than selling your current property to up-size, perhaps think of adding on an additional dwelling to your existing property.

By building a ‘detached’ dwelling, you are creating an escape. Many parents may choose to construct a granny flat as a form of relaxation and escape from the regular family home, or, to have somewhere to let the children or grandparents stay, without causing any inconvenience.

We have a full range of Granny Flats ready for construction or can custom design to complement your existing home. We offer complete building process from design to handover.

Site Requirements

All Granny Flats are able to be built on sloping blocks of all angles. Enquire today for more information.

No development approval or infrastructure charges are required to construct a new granny flat. Did you know, you can have a 2 bedroom granny flat built in your backyard, with no council approval, without neighbour objections, and have it ready-to-build in just 10 days?

Site Requirements

  • Property must be a minimum 450m2 in area
  • Must be zoned residential
  • Must have a 12 meter width at the building line of the proposed detached granny flat. If your property does not meet this requirement you could apply for an attached granny flat.
  • Maintain a 3.0m setback from the rear and 0.9m from side boundaries
  • Maintain a distance of 3.0m from any existing trees that are over 4m in height
  • Maximum 60m2 external area for your granny flat

Pre-Designed and Priced Granny Flats

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