Pole Home Building Process

"Your Home, Your Way"

1 | Getting Started

Whether you have purchased land or not, we’re happy to talk to you about your project ideas – and discuss design and pricing option.

2 | Consultation Phase

After our discussions with you, we prepare a project brief based on your personal requirements, budget, land & design preferences.

3 | Preliminary Quote

Once you have selected a floor plan/design, Kline Homes provides a Preliminary quote for either kit home materials – or a builders completion contract.

4 | Preliminary Agreement

Upon acceptance of the preliminary quote, we ask that clients enter a preliminary agreement to draft plans, and to pay $3,000 deposit towards their new home.

5 | Design & Drafting Phase

Our drafting take your project brief and initial floor plan, to prepare your site plan, floor plan and elevations. Clients are able to make changes to their plans – we don’t charge for re-drafts, it’s just part of the design process.

6 | Final Quote

Now that your plans and inclusions have been finalised, we provide full pricing to construct your new home.

7 | Agreement to Contract

Owner/builder clients enter an agreement to supply kit home materials. Builder completion clients sign a builder contract. A 5% deposit is paid at this time for your new home

8 | Working Drawings & Engineering

Our drafting team now produce your full working drawings and we obtain your engineers structural certification, along with the other documents required for building approval.

9 | Council Approval

Kline Homes manages the council approval process

10 | Fabrication

Once council approval is received, footings can be poured, then Kline Homes will order the Kline Construction System to start production & fabrication of your custom pole home frame.

11 | Delivery to Site

Frame kit materials are generally delivered to site 4 weeks after footings are poured. Lock-up and fix-out materials are delivered to site as required.