Planning Your House Layout

For any homeowner it is crucial that they understand the site characteristics, opportunities and constraints of building on a particular site. One of the best ways of doing so is carrying out a site analysis process with the help of a qualified builder. There are certain builders who specialise in designing green smart homes.

A home which has been designed keeping into consideration its surroundings is best for an optimised lifestyle. It not only helps improve the energy efficiency of the home but is also known to protect the surrounding environment.

Make sure to keep the following things in mind regarding the floor plan and the site when building or buying a new home.

What you need to consider regarding the custom house design

  • The home should be in a neighbourhood which has a strong and welcoming street address
  • The rooms should be widely spaced so that there is ample space for sleeping and utilising the living space.
  • The design should be such that the indoor and outdoor space complement each other. Choose to go for a design which can connect the yard to the interior of your home with the help of a porch or a patio
  • The window should allow for proper ventilation so that wind and sunlight can have easy access into your home
  • Do considerable research when it comes to the design of the home. Have a detailed talk with your contractor on what would work well for the subtropical climate
  • Keeping the above mentioned in mind would also help reduce the heating and cooling bills. Imagine not having to pay huge sums of money on electricity bills. It can be a source of major relief.
  • Do consider a design which would reduce the greenhouse gas emission from heating and cooling mechanical ventilation.
  • Make sure that you design the home in such a way that it allows you to enjoy the beautiful view and retain the shelter and greenery of the existing landscape.

planning your house layout

Building a home for adaptability

The right kind of house is one which would be able to adapt as your own needs change. The right home is one which does not require any costly alterations when the time comes for making any change.

If you are a small family you may want to take into consideration the future as well. Perhaps you are planning to sublet your home or even extended your family. It doesn’t matter what you plan to do but have a detailed talk with your builder to enhance the adaptability of your home.

The principles of site planning

  • The living space needs to be well oriented and should have the right kind of indoor and outdoor relationship
  • Make sure that careful planning is carried out for proper ventilation and receiving just the right amount of sunlight
  • Do consider the use of solar panels to improve the energy efficiency of your homes
  • Only hire experienced builders who have some idea regarding the design concept of green homes