Custom Home Designs With A Difference

Our custom designed homes are backed by an expert team with years of experience in the industry. Creating plenty of options available for clients to browse through, we extend our range of services to the entire Gold Coast. We understand that many clients want a customised property and have a strong influence on the design process – this is where our tailored plans come into play.

You can bring us your own custom home plans, or, we can design your home in collaboration with you, your designer and / or your architect. When we design your home with you, we do so based upon your budget, land profile, and desired specifications.

View our gallery for some more examples of the stunning properties we have helped clients design and build around the Gold Coast region.

How our custom design plans work

1 - Pre-design

To best plan and complete the concept of your new custom-designed home, we meet you on-site to get started. Our team will work with you to get to know every nuance of the land, what civil works will need to be completed, what options are available during the initial phase, landscaping insights and many other factors.

We design with your budget in mind, we know what it costs to build exactly what you’re looking for and can design your property accordingly. We take care of all the requirements in this stage and ensure all site restrictions are identified and managed.

2 - Design Concept & Fixed Quote

Following the completion of your pre-design, we begin the necessary conceptualisation and formal quoting. We provide fixed quotes on our custom-designed homes and provide you with a complete breakdown of all materials, fixtures and other supplies required for the total project. You are provided with a floor plan and comprehensive budget report that meet your site specifications and are ready to go.

And we understand trust and transparency is important, so you won’t get surprises late in the construction phase. Our itemised breakdowns are the precise lists we will use so that you can be assured the final project will meet your budget and the quotes provided.

The quality of the house is fantastic and the building costs were exactly as were quoted. I would highly recommend Graydon and Kline Homes to anyone. – Hayley Robinson

3 - Final Drawings

Once you’re happy with your building concept and quote, we begin working on your final drawings, the necessary engineering and required council approvals. You will then be provided with detailed drawings and have the freedom to select fixtures and fittings, colours, and lighting.

This is the part of the process where you can really let your personality and lifestyle shine through with colours, patterns, designs and fixtures that reflect your own tastes. Our team can assist you through this process as well with ideas on the latest innovations.

Once this is complete, We present you with a fixed price quote inclusive of your custom selections and design, and you are ready for construction. Custom designed homes by Kline Homes are designed and built by us, for you.

Building Construction

4 - Construction

Following the building approval (BA) and any finance approval – both processes that our team can assist you with – we begin the necessary planning and scheduling to build your new home. Our process is totally transparent so you can be assured the final construction will meet the custom home plans we have agreed on and all projects are delivered on time and on budget (barring natural disasters or other factors out of our control).

We meet and discuss with you regularly to update you on the progress and provide imagery of the various stages of construction. We have been building homes on the Gold Coast for over 20 years, when you build with Kline Homes, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice.