January 13, 2017

Finish it Yourself

We can build to lock-up and you can finish it yourself

Better than owner building, you still receive a 6 year structural warranty

Increase your chances of borrowing money

Get the larger home you’ve always wanted

Add your own personal touches and sense of achievement

Kline Homes will build the main “shell” structure, you then have the freedom to choose your own individual trades to complete your home. This means your friends and family with relevant qualifications could finish your home. You apply to complete the works as an owner builder and have the freedom to finish your home at your pace. FIY can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience as you take control over the completion of you home, to save money as there is no builders margin to pay.



My husband and I painted the whole house, our uncle built and installed the kitchen and Vanities, and Dad completed the tiling. We saved thousands!

Liz Caruana,
Carara, Gold Coast

Hand Over

Kline homes builds your home to “lock-up stage”. This means we build the main structure of your home with external finishes including windows and doors fitted to complete the external. The internal walls will be in place as per your design and the home is ready for you to FIY Like the idea but need some help? Talk to us about the various stages of the building process.

The Advantages of FIY

There are numerous reasons and advantages why people choose to FIY. Here are a few.

  • You have a network of friends and family who are qualified in related trades and can offer their services at “mated rates”, or you are a tradesman yourself.
  • You are creative and like exploring other options like going online to purchase either cheaper building materials, fixtures and fittings to create your own style while saving thousands.
  • The satisfaction and sense of achievement of completing your home yourself by adding your personal touches.

House Plans and Designing Your Home

  • We have designs ready to go or
  • We can custom design your ideas.