"Your Home, Your Way"

Do you love where you live but don't love your house?

Is your home outdated, unsafe, not satisfying you?

Has your land be rezoned?

It can be cheaper to knock down and rebuild your home than to renovate it!

What is involved in knocking down and rebuilding?

With little fuss, Kline Homes can manage the entire project from start to finish, including, demolition, clearing the site, planning approvals, permits, safety fencing and reinstating services such as power, water and gas.

With over 20 years of experience in designing and building homes, we understand the sensitivity that is sometimes involved in the knockdown rebuild process. Furthermore, we offer a personalised service which we believe is second to none. Our ‘one stop shop’ service provides you with a skilled team all under the one roof.

Building A new home on an existing block: what you need to know about the knock down and rebuild process

Have you outgrown your home? You may want to downgrade, or look at dual living. Your current home just doesn’t tick the boxes anymore, some people decide to sell and look for that new home elsewhere, but who wants to pay tens of thousands in realestate commissions along with selling and moving costs.

Many people decide to renovate and extend, it’s been our experience it often works out more cost effective and faster to demolish and rebuild a new home that renovate. This way you don’t need to say farewell to those neighbours you’ve become friends with whilst sharing so many memories. Often you’re already living in a much better area than having to move out into the new suburbs to find a block of land. There’s no stamp duty or any costs to buy this new block of land, because you already own it.

We’ve already experience many existing home owners have resorted to the knock down rebuild (KDRB) option. Kline Homes is experience and able to undertake all the demolition, design, Council approval processes and new construction works. It’s become a popular option as more Australian families are finding it hard to find land to build their dream home.

The advantages of knock down rebuild

One of the biggest advantages of rebuilding is that it allows you to get exactly what you want. Instead of going to different areas and looking for homes which do not fulfill your requirements, you get the option to customise the home according to your preferences.

You can add features which would mean the most to you. There is absolutely no compromise on the kind of fixtures or things which you want to be installed in your home. If there is a certain home design which appeals to you, all you need to do is show it to Kline Homes and we’ll to turn your dream into a reality.

Custom Kitchen

It allows you to live were you love

Another reason why rebuilding is such a good option, you already love where you live and demolishing and rebuilding is normally a lot more cost effective than the large amount of costs moving to a new location.

When you consider renovation expenses or buying a new property the cost of rebuilding is comparatively less. Make sure you talk to Kline Homes experienced people.

Facts about the knock down rebuild process

The process starts with us working with you to design the perfect home. You then come with us on a journey to choose all your fixtures and fittings, during this time we have your new plans going to all our trades and suppliers to confirm pricing before we formally enter into a building contract and start the building approval process.  Once a building approval is forthcoming we proceed to construction where the real fun begins sharing the journey together until you’ll your back living in the area you call home.

Once the findings have been completed we would organise your contract. The contract would comprise of home plans along with the upgrades. If there any changes that you require you can always speak to your builder and let them know about it.

You also need to decide what kind of fixtures and fittings would like to be used in your home. There are several options available for those who are looking to build a customised home and we will guide you through this process.

With the building permit in hand and the demolition underway you would be one step closer to your new dream home. We ensure you are updated throughout the whole building process.

Enquire about knock down and rebuild with Kline Homes today!