The six basic rules for home design

Designing your home can be one of the most inspiring tasks that you would undertake. The whole design process is complex yet at the same time it allows you to explore your imagination and bring your dream home to life.

The following are the six basic rules of home designs which you need to follow in order to ensure that you are able to build your home the way you want to.

Always consider design in 3D

A professional home builder or an architect always things of a project in 3D. Whether constructing a new home or renovating an already existing one, they make sure that the plan and the layouts are in a third dimensional form. For them it is an instinctual skill for others it can be learnt over a period of time. If you want to ensure that you have some part to play in the designing of your home then you should definitely consider knowing a bit more about 3D designing.

Be careful about different building materials

If you plan on using more than two kinds of external building materials especially at an elevation you need to be quiet careful. Not paying enough attention can result in a haphazard design which looks a little messy. It may also cause a problem with water leakage and seepage. The material that you want to use should be such that it adds stability to your home. Make sure that you listen to the building contractor to get a good idea of the kind of materials that you can choose from.

Using the right construction methods

The style and structure of your home should compliment the land on which it is built. If you are planning to build a pole home the design should support the construction. Have a detailed talk with your builder regarding the right kind of construction for the land that you own.

Proper design composition

Your architect is the person who is responsible for the design composition of your new home. There are several things which they take into consideration. These include proportion, symmetry and repetition. It is important that the building which is designed on paper should be proportionate when built on land. The use of symmetry is a traditional method to ensure that the building looks great. Also repetition works well when it comes to doors and windows. The result is a carefully constructed home which looks beautiful and aesthetic.

The current renovation should complement the existing one

If you are thinking about adding to your home it should be kept in mind that a design is well suited with the already existing structure of your home. Even if you are simply thinking on terms of extension you may want to consider aspects like the building material which had been used previously and the new material which you are going to be implementing.

Do consider the Deck location

When building a deck in your new home you may need to consider the fact that it could actually ruin your view when not built the right way. Have a detailed talk with your builder to enjoy uninterrupted view without all the stacking material placed in front of you. For this you may need to consider the deck size and deck orientation as well. It shouldn’t be too deep and it should be located on the south side of your home. It should be just the right size so that it adds to the space instead of taking away from it.

Have a detailed talk with your builder to ensure that you are on the right track or let Kline Home design your custom built home today.