Things to Consider When Choosing Land

If you are thinking about constructing a new custom home you may also need to take into consideration the land where you plan on building it. It can help save you a great deal of money in the long run. Plus investing in the right piece of land would allow you to build without any difficulty.

Things to consider when choosing land for your home construction

Do take the following factors into account when buying land:


The first thing that you need to keep in mind is a location where you plan to build. You may need to do thorough research by taking a look at the recent developments around that area plus you may also need to consider the property value of the place. You may want to consider the commute to work and school plus it is important that it should be somewhere near to a medical facility. Basically a place which is easily accessible.

The area of the block

It all depends on the kind of home that you are planning to build. If you want a big space for yourself you may need to buy land with the width and depth that is in keeping with the dimensions of your house. On the other hand, if budget is an issue you could do with buying a smaller piece of land and build a compact home on it.

However some pieces of land might turn into a challenge especially if the land is narrow and you may need to build upwards then across.

Orientation of the land

The orientation of the land would have a direct impact on your home design. It is best to go for homes with a Northern orientation. This would allow your home to have the maximum sun exposure and also make use of passive heating and cooling to save on the energy bills in the long run. Usually it is difficult to find a north facing block. If you do find it, it may tend to be quite expensive. This is something which you need to make sure of when budgeting.

Slope of the land

If the land is a slope it might be difficult to build on it. You might have to incur additional cost depending upon the level of elevation. The ground might require levelling and this could cause the cost to rise easily.


Easements allow you to use a portion of your neighbours property without possessing it. These may include the usage of the sewage pipes, telephone lines and driveways or access roads. It is necessary that you are able to identify all the easements which exist on your land before you buy it. This would allow you to build smartly without incurring all that extra cost.

Do take into consideration the council restrictions

Every council or estate has a different set of rules. Is necessary that you have an idea of these guidelines and limitations. One example would be a planning permit for a single or a double storey home. You might even need permission to remove trees or build over an easement. The town planning guidelines and building regulations would have an impact of how you would be able to build your home. It is crucial to follow those guidelines on the kind of house you can build, the materials that you could use and the maximum site you can cover. There might even be restrictions on the facade style as well as the colour scheme.

Make sure that you talk to your builder when designing your new home. They would be able to handle the council regulations and help you build the home that you always wanted.