Open plan living ideas for smart homeowners

Open plan designs have been quite popular the past two or three decades. It is an innovative way of living which has completely changed the way we interact in our homes. Instead of every other room like the kitchen and the dining area being in separate spaces an open floor removes the walls and creates one large area where you can spend time together without feeling cramped.

Thanks to the modern interior layouts it is easy for you to cook and also interact with the kids at the same time. This way you can enjoy the latest Netflix shows along with the rest of the family even if you are busy at the stove.

Despite the number of advantages associated with open plan living it is important to keep certain things in mind. Styling your home the right way can make everything harmonious. The following are open plan ideas for smart homeowners.

Create a focal point in each individual zone

Although the goal of an open space is to create an individual living zone within the floor plan, there should be a focal point in each zone to create impact. You can make use of a feature wall or pendant lights or a big painting.

For example you could choose an apple green wall to create an aura of elegance amongst the usual white painted walls. Or you may want to create some drama by adding a wooden feature or a brightly colored rock. Each zone can be defined with the help of careful placement of the furniture. You can create a living room space by arranging sofas around the edge of a rug.

You should keep in mind when creating an open floor space that it is best to keep a minimalist décor. Using too many things clutter the space and ruin the idea of an open plan living. The dining room should flow easily from the living room space. Creating a high ceiling effect in an open space is easier with the help of a pendant light.

Creating a home office area near a window would be a great idea. It would let the natural light to stream in and the scenery can help keep you inspired. You should not only consider adding lights and all the furniture to divide of the zones, in fact you can also use your ideas to create a different space. You may want to paint a certain wall a specific color or use some stylish wallpaper to bring out your own personal characteristics.

Go with the flow

Even if you have marked out different spaces in the open plan layout you must make sure that these are interconnected in one way or the other. You can try placing the furniture away from the wall and place the sofas in the center of the room. This way it would be easier to create clear lines in the corridor between the individual spaces.  It would make it easier to move around and also encourages positive Feng Shui.

In order to create harmony you may want to repeat some signature details in every space so that each space looks the same. For example if the furniture is made from oak, you may want to use a similar wood tone in the rest of the home as well. You might use textured stone wall and make it a staple in every space.

When it comes to choosing a color palette it is best to go with cohesive and neutral colors. You may want to introduce some bright colors or bold pattern to add some character and remove the mundanity. Modular Furniture which is mounted on wheels is a versatile way of reinventing your space. It allows you to switch the furniture as required. If you’re entertaining you could quickly move everything out of the way so that there is more room to mingle.

 Interesting ideas for designing an open plan living space.

Open plan living is all about how you utilise the space. However it should be kept in mind that not all blocks of land are the same. The open space plan for your home would depend upon the width and length of the land. The most common shapes are

  • Square shaped open plan layout
  • L shaped open plan layout
  • Long room open plan layout

This type of shapes usually refer to the dining and living space however you may even consider incorporating outdoor living spaces stop make sure that you have a detailed talk with the Builder to know what kind of space works best for you.

It is important to take advantage of your surroundings. Your builder will help you select the shape which would optimise the living space. If you have a beautiful garden or a beachfront it is important to position the open plan living space in such a way that you can take full advantage of the beautiful view. It is best to place the couch facing the view so that you can enjoy the beauty and elegance.

The best way to furnish open floor spaces is to avoid the use of bulky furniture. Having large pieces can make the room look small. The whole point of an open plan living is to create a larger space you may want to avoid using any kind of bulky furniture. Make sure that you go for minimalistic design and furnishings.

Creating storage in open plan living areas

 If you want to avoid the clutter you may want to create cabinets which allow you lots of Storage. This means that there is no clutter in sight and your home retain its minimalistic style. You may also want to allow natural light into the open plan living space. The natural light makes the room look larger and remove the shadows from the corners. If there is not a great deal of natural light available, you may want to make use of pendant lights or downlights to lighten up the room.

If you are building a double story home you can add a void to create an incredible space. When it is combined with open plan living it can become a mezzanine inside your home and create a stunning visual appeal.